Stacy (jadedace6) wrote,

justin timberlake on acid

yeah, so the above title could pretty much describe my weekend here at niki's. (its a good thing!!) and even cooler than that, im still here. but i have to leave in a few hours and that makes both niki and myself sad.... ok but now for the happy stuff

made record time again coming down here on friday. had to deal with some psycho drivers on the turnpike but nothing my little ruby and i couldnt handle. and after an enjoyable ride listening to my new kick ass home made cd the entire time there was no better way to finish off than with a delicious dinner with niki and derek. :-) mmmmmm

after fooding and bonding and dancing and being silly the three of us headed into old city to take over the bars. we bar hopped as usual. found ourselves at lucys, a bar that we always go to but i cant remember the name, and maybe a few others but now i cant remember anything. guess it meant that was a good night. niki took care of me when we were waiting for the train and when we were on the train. :-) she rubbed my back the entire time. awwww... and no i wasnt drunk.. :-P officer i swear to drunk im not g-d...

the only sad thing about the night was that i did not get to the share niki's bed with her... but i guess i need to learn to share niki. :-) he he its cool. at least i was able to sleep naked and have wild dreams without wondering if the person next to me would be tthinking that im a sex fiene.. damn, now all of u know... any takers???

saturday found us waking up at the ass crack of dawn, as per usual... niki made pancockies??? for breakfast and then the three of us went to see Love Actually. it kicked ass. niki and i cant stop talking about it and i cant wait to either see it again or buy it on dvd when it comes out...

c'mon lets get the shit kicked out of us by love.... so true so true.. so after niki and i sobbed like freakin babies at all the mushy love scenes it was time to come back home eat dinner, and get ready for a night of dancing. oh, first we had to say goodbye to derek.

so niki and i decided to go to topdog for the night. we checked out the live cover band downstairs that didnt even come close to comparing to 39 mariner. then we went upstairs to listen to every good song get turned to shit when the DJ decided to add a damn club beat.. and this is where JT on acid comes into play... so after dancing with some men and some guys we retired ourselves to downstairs to stare at boys and unfortunately have two asshole guys come over to us. one who thought it would be cool to pretend he doesnt understand the word no.. so after threatening to punch him in the eye i looked at niki and said i wanted to leave them. at that point we were tired and it was time to call it a night. STUPID BOY!!!

slept until 5 a.m. no j/k maybe more lik 8 or 9.. got the the mall before it opened and then spent all of our money at taco bell and weathervane. mmmm tacos... what the hell did niki do to me??? eventually came back home.. went running and to her cute little gym. made friends with rick and now we're showered and relaxing some more.. soon its pizza time and then ill have to depart.. :-(

i may as well move in. niki and i spend 3 days straight together every single weekend and never get sick of one another. we always have so much fun together and it just makes sense... hmmm working on it.

ok so i know that niki and i said like a million funny quotes this weekend and everytime something was said, i would say, "ooh, gotta put that in my lj and in my profile" but of course i forgot all of them.. DAMN!! well if i rem ill edit or update this thing. ok i need to leave this room now. im allergic to a chair.
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