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Guess who?

Well, two weekends ago, something happened at Jess' house after Easter dinner that was so funny. I wanted to update to share the funnyness with you all, but unfortunately I can't remember what it was that we found so amusing! Easter dinner was nice though. We stuffed our faces, but made sure to save room for the chocolate mousse cake and coffee cake that we caught a glimpse of for dessert. So we watched sex and the city between dinner and dessert and it's such a shame that the show is over. they had an episode about everything and they were so dead on! oh well, on demand will have to satisfy our needs...that and i need to collect the 5 boxed sets!

so stacy is a working woman now, except she's the real kind where i'm the pretend kind. see, she goes tow ork every morning and when she gets there, she actually has things to do besides update other people's live journals. i, on the other hand, update other people's live journals all day. and by "other people's" i mean stacy's. and by all day i mean this is the first time i've done it since i've started my job 3 weeks ago.

stacy dyed her hair! it's darker than i'm used to but it looks hot (surprise surprise...) what else is new with stacy? she's looking for a nice apartment in morristown or some other town in that area that i forget. my stacy is all growed up and looking for her own place. let me wipe the tear from my eye...ok got it.

yeah, so we are the coolest. we talk on our headsets every morning and today, as a matter of fact, we determined that you may not have to hold the phone to talk when you use a headset, but you have to fumble around to put the earpiece in your ear and then to answer the phone when it rings. they need to modify this stuff :op ok, so this entry wasn't very entertaining, but that's only because both stacy and i have bad memories and couldn't remember the funy thing from easter. ah well, better luck next time!
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