Stacy (jadedace6) wrote,

Guess who's back?

Back again? That's right, it's Niki! I took a brief reprieve from the joys of updating Stacy's journal, but worry not...I'm back!
So one thing I would like to comment on is my first trip "out". Stacy came to pick me up and we went shopping at Kohl's and tried on some clothing (what else is new?) and that was followed by the ritualistic trip to taco bell. that's right, some things never change...including *burp* A *burp* A *burp* A...Let me explain...did you ever see Billy Madison where the kid burps the alphabet? Well, he says letters WHILE he's burping...the word WHILE is key here. Now whenever I drink soda around stacy i try to imitate this phenomenon. i usually don't get very far in the alphabet, but that's ok...stacy only ever makes it to A. She burps, then says "A" and the next time she burps she says A again...after the event. it's still adorable though and we'll continue to do it...well, probably forever!
ok so like i was saying, after taco bell we went to the mall and tried on prom dresses. there was actually a pink one i liked (i probably should've told you to sit before i made that comment)! surprisingly we didnt get anything pierced. maybe we'll do that before i go to texas and before stacy starts her fancy new job. i'm so proud of my girl and so excited for her. i think she's gonna have so much fun at newsweek and meet so many new people and just grow so much...i can't wait to share all that with her! even if she's physically 2.5 hours away that won't stop our weekend extravaganzas or our morning updates while we sit in traffic...boooo traffic!
so anyway, i don't want to get sappy, but i just want to tell stacy (in her own journal) how much her support has meant to me the past 2 months. you coming to visit and talking on the phone never failed to brighten my day and you really helped me keep my sanity when i thought i was gonna go crazy with all the bad stuff that kept happening. you helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel when i thought there was only blackness ahead...and you kept me connected to the outside thank you for being the best friend i could ever ask for :o)
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