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Guess Who?

I've been coming to this site every day hoping to see an update, but apparently Miss Stacy actually has to do work this week, so I assume that's why the LJ hasn't been updated. Being the great friend that I am, I decided to take the liberty and update it, if for no other reason than to entertain myself. (If you haven't yet guessed, this is Niki - surprise!)

So what's new? I'm going through Stacy withdrawl. I mean, yeah, we have our daily phone calls to say goodmorning...and even on my day off I made sure to turn my phone on so I could hear when Stacy called...and we entertain eachother over AIM (and my boyfriend entertains her too - how cute?!) but it just isn't the same. It's bad when you can't go a weekend without seeing someone. It's ok, absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Well, this weekend is gonna be a blast! Friday we'll just have a nice relaxing candlelit pizza dinner and rent some adam sandler movies (haha who else?) and then i'll wake up for my final at 6:30 saturday morning and then we'll play till sunday.

Stuck on You comes out on friday! wouldn't it be cool if we were stuck together? well, we kinda are, but physically I mean. I don't know...i think it'd be fun for a few hours and then it'd get annoying...or would it? Haha...another option for a halloween costume if we can't find the orange and blue tuxedos?? We're the coolest! Ok, well I'm supposed to put together a presentation with my group in about 2 minutes so I guess I should go find out if they're here, huh?

Sorry for a pretty boring entry...the next one will be much better...I just wanted to leave you in suspense...drooling in anticipation of the next time I update! I'm sure there will be plenty to write about after this weekend...oh, and just so you know, Stacy, you have to take on those extra 6 numbers I was supposed to have...I have faith in you...8 more before the year's up. My prediction? Three this weekend ;o) You can do it man...all night long! O:o)
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