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well, its been a really nice mini vacation, i wish it didnt have to end. but i guess its good that im getting back to work. i need my body to get used to a normal person's work/sleep/eating/excersing schedule.

so to recap my week, for all of those who read this (hmm, probably only niki and she was with me everyday anyway,) but just in case there are a couple of stragglers. is that a word??

tues found niki and me at the knight club, where else.. :-P we had a really great time and met some cool people, one of whom won't call me eventhough he asked me for my number, but its all good. i know how the game goes. anyway, we had a great time dancing with them. wed i somehow rolled my lazy ass out of bed and went to work. i think i only worked like 3 hours but it was imperative that i got home asap so that i could get my energy revived for the next few nights of debauchery (thats the second time i've used that word now). so wednesday i got to see goldy for a little and then that night niki and i went over to nemo's to party it up with some old school monroevians. we spent the majority of the night with derek and barcley but i did bond a little with some people i hadnt seen since h.s graduation, always interesting and somewhat of a self esteem booster, yay for that! we went to garveys and then docs, got super silly drunk and had a good time all round. *NUMBER 34......*

::cough cough:: anyway :-P

thurs was turkey day and as usual i was in brooklyn with the fam. at dinner my cousin announced his secret marriage two weeks ago to his girlfriend.hmmm yes, we were all very very surprised. well, welcome to the family, Lina. that night i went to the seville with goldy, sah, and josh. always fun reminicising and talking about how much life sucks now and how we're going to be viewed as total dorks when we have kids, NEVER!! i will always be cool. riiiight....

friday was shopping with niki and knight club for randi's birthday. again, another fun time. although i did get a little tired and cranky at the end of the night. oops.

saturday was more shopping. needless to say i didnt buy anything. which is actually a good thing. and saturday night was low key with niki derek barcley and people we didnt talk to.. ha ha...

sunday i was an absolute waste, and proud of it!! although i did get into a rather extensive conversation with my mother about my future.. i know i am not putting enough effort out to get a job, and i dont want to be bothered.. im a waste.. all i want for christmas, er... chanukkah is a full time job and i think i will get it from the h.s. but hopefully sooner rather than later.

blah blah, so work has been going super duper slow today. dan isnt here :-( that makes me sad. but all of my bosses are back, its great how much they love me. i think chris, the other guy i work with is jealous at how much my bosses adore me. :-)

i dont know how im up and functioning right now. it took me about 3 hours to fall asleep last night and i was having the freakiest dreams. stupid unconscience.. ( did i spell that right?)

i cant wait until the day that i am ready to move out and get my own place. hmmm. soon...
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