Stacy (jadedace6) wrote,

moving on.

"leave in silence"

u get the idea.
and thats just the way it has to be for now, i think.

back at work, passing the time with an update. work isnt going too slow so thats a plus. and im only working three days this week then i get to play with all of my friends and hopefully meet some new people. should be interesting to see how this week/weekend turns out. i might get closer to my goal that niki and i set.

they say when it rains it pours.. and its true. in terms of social life stuff... its not like there's a lot of new people that are definites but it seems like there's a few whom could be potentials* hmmmm.. always interesting.

there's this kid my friend wants to hook me up with. he looks like JT, he's hot and in a band and tall and into music (obviously,) and funny and lives nearby. we already talked the other day. we'll see how it goes. and what was that quote niki? "if he looks like JT i'm going to lick him.." ha ha yea, that was it.. and that is true.

anyway, weekend was half good half bad. niki and i decided we needed to see other people so we didnt have plans to get together this weekend. friday i went to gaebels with laurie and met up with daniel, derek, sophia, shawn, and then some others. it was a pretty good time and everyone in gaebels was absolutely gorgeous. my brain was overly stimulated. niki, we need to go there on friday nights and talk to everyone, and try to wipe the drool from our mouths.. mmmmmm. nice.

saturday i hung around the house and got in a bad mood, called niki on the phone 100 times. both of us were in shit moods because of dumb people. then i told her to get in the car and just get to my house to come to the party with me that night. well 1 hour later my doorbell rings and niki is standing there with a white light around her!!! yay for getting happy again. we drove to south orange to go to matt's house for his 23rd and it was so much fun. his parents rock and his friends were all really nice. too bad i have to stay away from guys with their names starting with the letter D. he was cute.... tee hee. yay for turning into a girl when there is a cute boy around. (sorry u had to witness that niki)

then we all walked to this really cool bar in his town. they had karaoke!! niki and i sang and so did joshy and i. so much fun!!!

got home at 4 a.m. after some propositioning. :-P ha ha but its all good.

sunday was family lunch for bubbe's birthday and i got to see jessie!!! it was really cool to see her and catch up with her. always pick up right where we left off. and now here i am back at work and its almost lunch time already. yippee skippee although i refuse to eat.

looking forward to kicking my ass at the gym today.

and then this week i get to see Sarah, Jessica, Kimmy again, Niki again, and probably everyone else who graduated 10 years before me a 2 years after me. should be good times. ok im done.
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