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Usually around this time...

I'd be excited to finish my last class of the day and then I'd run to catch the train home so I could wait for Stacy to come over, or hop in the car to go to Stacy's house. But this weekend is different. We're on a temporary hiatus. But it's ok, because I'll be back home on Tuesday so we can make up for lost time then :o) (Incase you haven't already guessed, this is Niki updating)

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Where has the time gone?! I hope when I help make the turkey I remember to take out the gizzard...otherwise I'll have to call Stacy to come cut up the turkey for me just like with that stupid chicken! :oP Poor wonder it took so long to cook. ewwww. So Stacy may get to hang out with a navy boy this weekend...welcome to my world! Men in uniform are just so hot. Police officers, mailmen (ok, maybe not mailmen), fire fighters, army, navy, marines...they're all hot! I don't know what it is about a man in uniform, but keep wearin em boys! Could we have another repeat? :oO How many have we had so far? Hmm...1...2? Only two? Three is a charm ;o)

So what else is next week? Monroe reunion at whatever bar is "the spot" this year...I'm excited because now I can finally go. I can't believe I had to wait a whole year just about between when Stacy turned 21 and when I did...we should just be born on the same day so we never have to wait. Next thing you know, you'll be able to rent a car and I won't...and after that, you'll be able to get into the movies for a senior citizens price and I won't! Haha little jump in time there :oP

Oh, so funniness...I was trying to remember what was the "that's going in lj" or "that's going up in the profile/away message" but i can't! why? we were laughing so hard at the time! I remember one of them had to do with the bathroom and not wanting to get out of bed and making nouns into verbs (i'll spare you the gorey details) and another one had to do with us still sitting in bed bonding once we have daughters and our daughters would have to join us...we're so weird, but so cool all at the same time. Oh NO! Who's gonna eat taco bell with me on sunday for lunch?! am i gonna have to go by myself?

haha, ok well we'll have to update our weekends by ourselves this weekend, but fear not...we'll have plenty to update after this coming holiday week/weekend ;o)

I like the way you favorite song of the week...but it did NOT replace suga suga...that's become an all-time favorite...a close second to summer jam!
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